A kitchen garden is where herbs and vegetables are grown around the house for household use. Since early times a small plot near to the house has been used for growing a variety of vegetables according to the season. Local varieties such as radish, broad leaf mustard, chilli, beans, pumpkins
etc. are all grown in the kitchen garden

Why make a Kitchen Garden?

For people to stay healthy it's very important to have a healthy diet. A healthy diet means a balanced mix of rice, bread, pulses, vegetables, herbs, fruit etc. Vegetables are a very important part of a good diet as they contain various nutrients for many body functions. For growing, energy and protection against disease, vegetables play an essential role. Vegetables are especially important for the young, and for pregnant and nursing women.


  • Supply fresh fruits and vegetables high in nutritive value.
  •  Supply fruits and vegetables free from toxic chemicals.
  •  Help to save expenditure on purchase of vegetables.
  •  Vegetables harvested from home garden taste better than those purchased from market.
  •  Effective utilization of kitchen waste water and kitchen waste materials.
  •  Exercise to the body and mind.



Key Benefits of the Kitchen Garden

It is important to provide enough moisture for the kitchen garden.

Extend your home with a beautiful garden
To grow healthy, fresh vegetables yourself
 Aesthetic garden beauty that improves with age
To save the cost of buying vegetables and herbs
Wasteland around the house can be made productive

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